IT-as-a-Service in prisons.

Our custom-built, cloud-based Osprey-VLE software has changed the face of educational IT for isolated learners.

Unique technology

Offline technology

Our non-networked Chrome OS laptops come preloaded with educational content that prisoners can access entirely offline.

HMPPS trusted

Our devices are so secure that they are used and trusted by HMPPS.

Bespoke, cloud-based software

Our Digital Toolkit lets learners build personalised programmes, assess their own skills gaps, access the right content, and complete evaluation tasks.

As they learn, the platform creates an activity timeline of each person’s individual progress. This learning journey travels with each person - whether they move prisons or when they rejoin society.

Customised support

Coracle makes sure that learners and prison staff are supported so they get the most from their device.

Our on site team of security-vetted digital experts will assist with everything from initial familiarisation, through to full deployment.

Prison staff are given a dedicated customer service contact who is there to answer any questions they have.

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