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Digital literacy is changing lives.

Every day we encounter someone whose life is improved thanks to their new digital know-how.

The impact of our devices can be seen in prisons. Learning & Skills Managers tell us about calmer prisoners, more attentive and autonomous study, and greater self-esteem for those hoping to rejoin society.

Beyond prisons, we have helped people be better prepared for their release, as they look for jobs and reintegrate into their communities.

We are trusted by HMPPS to 
provide IT-as-a-Service across the prison estate
We currently have around 1,000 laptops in nearly half of the prisons in England and Wales
We work with independent content providers to put the best materials in the hands of prisoners

Our reach

Our laptops can be found in nearly half of all prisons in England and Wales. We’re operating in maximum security prisons to open prisons. We have the potential to scale further and help more prisoners improve their digital literacy with our support.

Learn about our impact

Everyday we are putting more devices in more prisoners' hands. Because improving their life skills will give them the best chance of reintegration. If you want to be part of the positive change we're making, then we'd love to hear from you.

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