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Latest job vacancy: Prison Site Support roles and Office support role

We’re seeking purposeful people to join our team of prison service specialists.

The Times: What I learnt…selling IT to prisons

Interview with James Tweed about his experience and what he’s learned along the way.

Daily Mail: Coracle technology can be done ‘safely and securely’

Spotlight on Coracle devices as part of the Ministry of Justice’s plans to create ‘smart prisons’.

Joining UK business leaders in charity sleepout

James joins CEOs to fight the growing numbers of homeless people, many of whom are ex-offenders.

3 principles on how to engage adult learners

Ensuring that education content and platforms are designed specifically for adults.

Response to Government report into prisoner education

Our reflections on the Select Committee’s findings and thoughts on the future of education-based IT for prisoners.

Sharing a vision for digital literacy in prisons

VIPs from the Ministry of Justice and HMPPS attend a Coracle briefing at Google HQ.