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Like every Learning & Skills Manager, we believe that a prisoner should feel in control of their learning.

Self-motivated learning

We’ve built our Digital In-Cell Education Toolkit to be intuitive, practical and easy to navigate so prisoners can feel in control of their learning.

Learning journey

It’s modular design means that learners can access content in a way that suits their specific learning needs and capabilities, with a clear dashboard to help track progress along their learning journey.

Engaged in learning

Prisoners have autonomy around their study and can access the content when it best suits them. This leaves them feeling more independent and motivated about their learning. And the multimedia content allows learners to build a variety of skills they may not already have, leaving them more digitally literate and better equipped for life outside of prison.

Bespoke learning programmes

Every prisoner is different and will have different learning needs. We want to help Learning & Skills Managers build bespoke learning programmes around each prisoner and their personal learning plan.

So, to make sure the content they can access is relevant and effective for their lives outside of prison, we partner with some of the world’s best educational providers.

Breadth of content

Our partners supply high-quality content as learning modules to build knowledge and improve life skills. The content is regularly refreshed and updated onto the Coracle platform, and the modules can be incorporated into an individual’s learning programme.

Examples of content modules include:

World class partners

We work with visionary education and technology partners who believe in the power of digital learning.

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Become a content partner

We're always looking for new partners who can help deliver the most effective and relevant content to our learners. If this could be you, then we'd love to talk more.

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