Prisoners embrace higher education: “I’m hoping it opens the door to a chance”

10th June 2024

A report carried out by academic researchers at Nottingham Trent University has produced evidence that education is in high demand among prisoners

The study, “The development of accredited digital higher education distance learning opportunities for prisoners”, also noted that figures from Prison Reform Trust show that higher education can reduce reoffending, which currently costs the UK £18.5 billion per year, by up to 40 percent.

The report examined existing digital learning opportunities being offered by Coracle, a King’s Award-winning, Cambridge-based company, which currently provides 2750 laptops to 90 prisons in England and Wales.

The authors found that digital tools could “bolster an open, learning culture across the prison estate”. They found a positive reaction to courses and a strong desire for more.

James Tweed, CEO of Coracle, says the report should be ‘essential reading’ for the next British government.

Read the full report here