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How apprenticeships are offering prisoners a new start

6th February 2024

James Tweed is CEO of Coracle, based at Chesterton Mill in Cambridge, a company which provides laptops to prisoners. He said it is essential that apprenticeship providers consider working with prisoners. 

James Tweed said,

“Taking on prisoners as apprentices is a golden opportunity to transform lives, help society and increase skills in the workplace,”

“This gives them something practical to work towards, which is a huge part of ensuring they can realise better life outcomes. Including prisoners in Apprenticeship Week is a great step towards reducing reoffending and boosting their employability.” 

Tweed said there are hurdles to be overcome when taking on apprentices from inside a prison but says it is a practical step towards closing the UK’s skills gap and reducing unemployment.

“An important legal change was made in October 2022,” noted Tweed, “When the Ministry of Justice and Department for Education lifted a ban on prisoners undertaking apprenticeships.