Ben Musgrove

Digital Course Support (East)

Ben’s BA Hons in Performing Arts gave him the interpersonal skills and the ability to build strong relationships and effective communication skills allowing him to speak to a variety of people from all walks of life. Ben began his career working with children, young people and their families, using his charisma and empathy to support the growth of young people, particularly those in disadvantaged backgrounds on their journey to becoming adults.

This passion of supporting and impacting the lives of others led Ben to a change in direction when he began working with adults often from similar disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing him to see where this lack of support early in life could potentially lead to. Working with adults with addiction was a very rewarding role which saw Ben mentoring and supporting adults in complex situations, sometimes seeing those clients going to prison.

These experiences attracted him to Coracle, giving him a new challenge to support other adults to further their education, giving them the skills to equip them for life outside of the prison gates.

Outside of work Ben keeps up his passion for Performing Arts, taking on many leading roles in a variety of theatre companies in Suffolk whilst dedicating his life to his growing family.