We are proud of the work we do and our role as a community enabler. We are driven by the impact that we make. Our ambition for excellence means that we deliver for our company, staff, customers and users by committing to our values.


  • We make time to treat our colleagues, customers and suppliers with the integrity that we like to be treated with ourselves.
  • We are flexible in our thinking, celebrate creativity and encourage entrepreneurial thinking. We recognise success and failure and look to learn from both in a no-blame environment.


  • We don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results, believing that good today is better than perfect tomorrow.
  • We value intelligence over knowledge and recognise that requirements change.
  • We understand the concept of opportunity cost.


  • We are curious and love learning. Our approach is about ‘we’ over ‘me'.
  • We value connections and partnerships, recognising that everyone in our community has value to add.
  • We recognise that training each other offers the highest leverage activity that we can engage in and that we all have the freedom to make a difference


  • Our digital first approach underpins our core values by encouraging us to automate routine work, allowing us the freedom to humanise the customer and user experience.
  • We set new standards and value impact over progress