Tackling isolation

Coracle's vision for a world where no-one is isolated from learning opportunities is made possible with our core product, our proprietary cloud-based learning platform called Osprey-VLE.

Coracle Inside uses the Osprey-VLE platform to enable our partners to provide their content within the prison environment. Delivering tailored and contextual micro-learning from a secure, offline, device changes the landscape of rehabilitation opportunities.

Hard-to-reach learners

We seek to use in cell technology to enable offenders to learn together and to create a sense of shared achievement.

For offenders serving long term sentences, there may be a dissonance between the role technology played in the world at the time of their incarceration and the increasingly digital world of today. We aim to develop skills that will equip them for the outside world and facilitate their transition upon release.

Coracle Inside offers a means of enabling these individuals to engage with non-networked devices, pre-loaded with prison approved content to assist prisoners with skills development.