Laptops in Prison

Coracle's vision for a world where no-one is isolated from learning opportunities is made possible with our core product, our proprietary cloud-based learning platform called Osprey-VLE.

Coracle Inside uses the Osprey-VLE platform to enable our content partners to provide content within the prison environment via non-networked laptops, pre-loaded with content.

Osprey-VLE is more than just an online learning platform:

  • Deliver: a digital approach to perform skills gap analysis, to access course materials and complete course assessments, evaluation and self-reflection tasks. Even when the learner is offline. 

  • Service: a fast-track route to delivering on your goals. We’ve spent over a decade working on your questions.

Osprey-VLE is a cloud-based platform based on the educational technique of scaffolding and the theory of informed by activity, whereby data is collected in the form of activity statements. Within Osprey-VLE we call this the Learning Line: you can think of it as a digital wallet for your learning journey. Anyone familiar with the timeline on social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn will intuitively feel at home with the Learning Line.


We would rather show you the features than post a long list! Please get in touch to arrange a demo. We look forward to talking with you about content management, apps, the Learning Line, assessments, exam management, Individual Learning Plans (ILP) & Skills gap analysis and more!