Mission and Values Led

Our mission is to create a world where no-one is isolated from learning opportunities

Coracle Inside is the HMPPS approved in-cell digital education laptop.

Successful reintegration of former prisoners to society is dependent on the ability to find employment. That journey starts with access to education.

Our Digital Learning Platform (DLP) enables skills gap analysis, access to course materials, tests and assessments, evaluation and self-reflection tasks.

Where did Coracle come from?

Over the Christmas break in 2005 James Tweed had a conversation with his sister-in-law’s brother, Nader Nanjiani. Nader was working in Dallas for Cisco Systems. His cv at the time included work in interactive media, IP telephony and communications. In 2003 he launched the first ever Cisco online community for certified engineers to support the professional development needs of hundreds of thousands of Cisco customers, partners and prospects. He co-authored "The Business Case for E-Learning" (Cisco press 2004)

Inspired by Nader and looking for a change of direction, following many years ship broking and trading financial products, James took a proposal to the ICS to digitise their TutorShip distance learning course. A few months later, Coracle (now the exclusive digital reseller for ICS) had delivered the first online maritime courses, suitable for preparing candidates for ICS exams.

I was excited to see James get going with maritime e-learning. It was a great opportunity and provided a lovely case study for my book, "The Power of IP Video"
Nader Nanjiani

What about the name?

A Coracle is a small boat, used since Roman times. These lightweight craft are so portable that a fisherman can pick them up and carry them on their shoulders. Coracle Online is synonymous with this flexible vessel. Coracle's users can pick up their studies and carry them with them wherever they go, and access a rich library of knowledge whenever they want.