In-cell digital platform

Coracle Inside is an innovative Digital Learning Platform (DLP) embodying a prison specific Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to enable in-cell learning.

Developed with significant Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) input and in close collaboration with the Learning Together consortium led by the University of Cambridge, Coracle Inside has been successfully used at HMPs Whitemoor, Warren Hill and Grendon with all stakeholders, including prison governors, content providers and students giving very positive feedback.

The system has passed MoJ cyber security penetration tests.

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How does Coracle Inside work?

Prisoners are issued with totally locked down laptop devices that, through a proven, patent pending “Coracle Inside Hub”, can then be securely synced to a cloud-based server. This allows learning materials and courses to be updated, outcomes to be monitored, work to be assessed and accredited whilst ensuring 100% secure separation of prisoners from the internet when they use the devices.


Coracle Inside allows prisoners:

  • To study in-cell whenever they want (rather than only when granted access to a secure, supervised area)
  • Access to a broad range of course content
  • To improve their digital and IT skills in a way that has not been previously possible
  • To study more than one course at any one time
  • To continue their studies even when transferred from one prison to another
  • To continue their studies upon their release
  • Access to job vacancies that are ex-offender suitable

Coracle Inside allows training providers to:

  • Provide digital course content in any form including video, interactive tests and questionnaires to the prison population
  • Reduce their reliance on classroom training (which can be time consuming, expensive and difficult to organise)
  • Provide either totally digital courses or supplement existing classroom course with a digital component
  • Far greater access to the prison population in an inexpensive, easily accessible way

Coracle Inside allows the prison system:

  • To greatly increase the reach and provision of training inside
  • Better prepare prisoners for life after release which will reduce reoffending rates as well as both financial and resource pressures on the entire justice system