Revolutionising prisoner education

Successful reintegration of former prisoners to society is dependent on the ability to find employment. That journey starts with access to education and results in finding employment.

  • Developed by Coracle Online with the support of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Coracle Inside enables in-cell digital learning for prisoners. 
  • Our AI powered jobs board provides former prisoners with easy access to job opportunities from employers known to support recruitment of ex-offenders. 

Together these technologies provide prisoners with the skills and support they need to make a smooth transition back to the workplace upon their release and reduce the chance of re-offending. 

Find current vacancies from employers known to support the recruitment of ex-offenders
A secure and proven digital learning platform for training organisations working with the justice system
“Bringing real life IT into the custodial environment for the continued educational development of our learners is exceptional. Bringing or extending skills for our learners mirroring the learning of the Cambridge Uni students, has broken down barriers and made the learning environment realistic” (HMP Head of Learning and Skills)
‘A giant leap forward’ (Prison Educator)
‘It gives hope for the future: one can only hope that allowing a laptop in the cell will give greater and greater access to information to the prisoners’ (Cambridge University Learning Together)
‘I cannot believe I can use a computer in my room to study’ (Prison-based student)