• A Chromebook is a laptop that runs the highly secure Google Chrome operating system.
  • Chromebooks were the default devices to support Dept for Education Covid response.
  • Google and Coracle are working together to support digital inclusion with in-cell tech For more details, see the Google Chromebook website

  • Coracle is a specialist technology company with extensive experience in a number of sectors, including the Justice sector since an initial pilot in 2017
  • Coracle exist to unlock the potential of isolated people. Our mission is to remove isolation from learning opportunities, to improve life chances and help individuals towards employment by providing access to digital learning. We are trusted to deliver eLearning in some of the world’s harshest environments and to reach some of the world’s most isolated communities.

  • Coracle Inside is a product and service that has been developed, tested and used across 30 prison sites across England, Wales and N.Ireland over the past 2 years.
  • Many prisons, including HMPs Belmarsh, Highpoint, Pentonville, Swaleside, Buckley Hall, ISIS, Kirklevington Grange and others are already contracting with Coracle via DPS.
  • Coracle’s Information Assurance and regular HMPPS Security Working Group provide ongoing assurance for the use of the laptops for Education, Healthcare, IAG, Resettlement planning and any other appropriate prison use

  • Coracle has inter-operability at its core. For example:
  • Coracle has worked with Meganexus to use an API that allows VC2 content to be uploaded onto the Chromebooks.
  • Coracle can email copies of a users’ work, or their CV (from the CV tool) back to the LSM.
  • The Coracle system is built on the ‘next generation’ eLearning standard called xAPI. A record of the users learning is synced to Coracle’s Learning Record Store (LRS), allowing us to collect usage data, results and learning outcomes, even though the device is used offline. When the laptops are synced the offline data is transferred to a secure Coracle Cloud. We can then share, selectively, with any other platform including Curious, Personal Learning Plans, resettlement plans, accommodation providers, New Futures Network etc.
Coracle devices are being used today to support a wide range of uses, including:
  • Employability pathways with blended learning content
  • CV writing tool and disclosure guidance
  • Distance leaning students (eg, Coracle take Audio Visual content directly from OU (the same as is provided on DVD) and pre-load to devices)
  • Accredited and non-accredited learning with courses from providers such as AIM
  • Shannon Trust mentors and learners
  • Sites with local content as LSMs can send content to Coracle to upload to support learners

  • "A few prisoners had access to laptop computers (Coracle) to support learning in their cells. For example, those whose first language was not English could use a computer program to develop their communications skills, and prisoners who wanted to start their own business on release could access business related courses. This use of laptops motivated and engaged prisoners in learning.”
  • They [Ofsted] were blown away with the laptops as the inspectors had never seen such levels of engagement add this to the consequent high levels of OU completions because of the laptops and we were told it was evidence of good practise that they hadn’t seen before anywhere!!!!” HoLS following Ofsted Progress Monitoring Visit, July 2021

We are continuously improving and expanding the range of content available: please see course catalogue for more details

The laptops have a fully functioning word processor and spreadsheet tools, suitable for use to submit OU TMAs

The current (Q4 2021) version of the Coracle app is limited in size of pre-loaded content (2Gb). The Q1 2022 release will see the limit removed

The managed service offer from Coracle aims to provide you with all the support that you need for a successful implementation of in-cell digital.

We will work with you to find a suitable delivery time, generally within 2-4 weeks from ordering

The managed service offer from Coracle aims to provide you with all the support that you need for a successful implementation of in-cell digital

We provide you templates for all the paperwork that you need and then spend 1-2 days on site with you to get set up and meet with your security and other teams as you’d like.

Coracle do not decide who gets a device for in-cell use.