Digital In-Cell Education (DICE) toolkit

Coracle Inside was initially trialled within HMPPS to support the Learning Together partnership led by the University of Cambridge. The original pilot ran at HMPs Grendon, Warren Hill and Whitemoor during the academic year 2017-18.

The system has now been being adopted more widely across the prison estate with 25 prisons using the system in early 2021.

Direct feedback from the pilot study given by prison staff, prison educators and the prisoners themselves was that Coracle Inside:

  • Supports learners with a range of learning styles and specific learning differences (including especially dyslexia)
  • Brings a realistic and modern learning environment to prison education
  • Is a way of keeping busy and away from negative circumstances or influences on wings
  • Encourages new, or refreshed, technological skills
  • Is easy to use and clear
  • Enables users to have all learning material in one place, without risk of things being misplaced
  • Makes prisoners feel trusted by prison staff and the institution, and feel their development is being taken seriously
  • Boosts students’ self-worth and creates a sense of hope
  • The electronic library facility allows prisoners to navigate materials independently and helps broaden and deepen their learning autonomously - allowing students ‘to research and study like never before as a prisoner'

Coracle devices come supplied with a comprehensive toolkit of digital tools and resources that can be used either independently or in conjunction with other prison education courses to facilitate in-cell prisoner education, study and skills development.

The standard toolkit can be used to support a wide variety of courses including:

  • Developing literacy and numeracy skills
  • Creative and essay writing
  • Numerical modelling
  • Business and financial planning
  • Developing employability skill

The standard toolkit includes tools and resources, including:

  • Word processing tool
  • Spreadsheet tool
  • Educational games, which can also be used as distraction tools
  • The Hardman Directory
  • A variety of films and TED talks

All tools and resources are supplied loaded on Chromebooks with 100% separation from the internet and zero connectivity to any other devices. The devices can be used in-cell, without supervision or compromising security.