Content Partners

We're on a mission to create a world where no-one is isolated from learning opportunities. Come join us!

Joining the Coracle Content Partner (CCP) programme gives you access to our innovate and market-leading in-cell education product and service. We’re here to help you connect your content to isolated learners and connect you to new ways to generate revenue. Becoming a CCP connects you to a community, an ecosystem of enlightened educators. The programme is continuously developing, based on the input of all partners.

Why become a CCP?

From our base in Newmarket we aim to increase opportunities for content creators to better manage and disseminate their content in prisons across the UK. The team at Coracle are here to provide the best partner experience possible, enabled by systems and processes that lower the cost and complexity of you reaching isolated learners, such as those in prison, whilst creating an environment of trust and cooperation from our culture of collaboration.

Membership benefits

  • Financial. By focussing on reducing your operating expenses and potentially creating new revenue streams, we help you compete.
  • Relationships. We help you work with us more effectively, to stay informed about our product development and enable you to tap into our partner resources. These include guidance on accessibility and interactivity.
  • Sales and marketing. We aim to help you 'go to market' as quickly as possible, to expand your reach and win DPS competitions.
  • Technical. We deliver the technical insight so that you can concentrate on building your educational content. Leveraging our HMPPS assurance allows you to support more learner.