Our story

Coracle is an Edtech firm, based near Cambridge (UK), that provides a specialist Virtual Learning Environment.

Our mission is to create a world where no-one is isolated from learning opportunities, recognising that in a digital world, not everyone has access to the internet


Welcome to Coracle. I am James Tweed, the founder and I am frustrated that waste is so abundant around the world.

The word waste conjures up an image. Of something unwanted, superfluous, scrap, unused, worthless, unproductive, unusable, unprofitable. Perhaps something that we squander, misuse, abandon, neglect, forget or generally disregard. Something left to wither, shrink, decay, fade, rot or languish. The waste that I hate most is that of potential, specifically the potential of people.

Whether it be an aspiring professional, looking to further their career, but struggling to access the education that they need, or whether it be someone sitting in a prison cell, facing years of isolation, but who will re-emerge at some point and seek to rejoin society, all people have potential. Unlocking the potential by reducing the waste that comes from underserving so many people is a vast, global challenge: education is a force for social good, enabling employment and improving life chances.

Where did Coracle come from?

Over the Christmas break in 2006, I was in conversation with my brother-in-law, Nader Nanjiani, who was working in Dallas for Cisco Systems, working in interactive media, IP telephony and communications. In 2003 he had launched the first ever Cisco online community for certified engineers to support the professional development needs of hundreds of thousands of Cisco customers, partners and prospects.

Inspired by Nader and looking for a change of direction, following many years ship broking and trading financial products, I took the plunge and set-up Coracle, with a focus on preparing people for professional exams in the maritime sector.

I was excited to see James get going with maritime e-learning. It was a great opportunity and provided a lovely case study for my book, "The Power of IP Video"
Nader Nanjiani

What about the name?

A Coracle is a small boat, used since Roman times. These lightweight craft are so portable that a fisherman can pick them up and carry them on their shoulders. Coracle Online is synonymous with this flexible vessel. Coracle's users can pick up their studies and carry them with them wherever they go, and access a rich library of knowledge whenever they want.

Small beginnings

Over time we have clarified what makes us different: supporting isolated learners. That focus drives our mission.

Over the years we have developed a range of technical and pedagogical approaches. We've been honoured to collect a few awards on the way, but most excitingly, we've seen our platform, 'Osprey-VLE' be used and approved for use by multiple organisations, ranging from small charities to multinationals and government. Most of all we've been humbled by the messages from learners who our technology has helped to support as they progress on their learning journey.