Abbreviations and acronyms

Working within the prison sector can be incredibly rewarding, but the landscape is full of acronyms, abbreviations and jargon.

Here is a list of some abbreviations that you might come across:

Abbreviation Meaning
ACE Assistant Chief Executive (of Probation)
ACO Assistant Chief Officer (of Probation)
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ACRO ACPO Criminal Records Office
AD Absolute Discharge
AMHP Approved Mental Health Practitioner
ARMS Active Risk Management System
AP Approved Premises
ARD Automatic Release Date
ASSET The Youth Justice Board Assessment Framework
BASS Bail Accommodation and Support Service
BCU Basic Command Unit (Police)
BOTUS Breach of Top Up Supervision (Post Sentence Supervision)
BTP British Transport Police
CAADA Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (obsolete - now called SafeLives)
CCD Criminal Casework Directorate
CD Conditional Discharge
CJA 1991 Criminal Justice Act 1991
CJA 2003 Criminal Justice Act 2003
CJIA 2008 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008
CJCSA 2000 Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000
CMG Change Management Group
CNC Civil Nuclear Constabulary
COP Contracted-Out Prison
CPA Care Programme Approach/ Child Protection Agency
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CPPC Critical Public Protection Cases
CRC Community Rehabilitation Company
CRD Custodial Release Date
CSP Community Safety Partnership
CTA 2008 Counter Terrorism Act 2008
CTSA 2015 Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
CTO Community Treatment Order
DPS Dynamic Purchasing System (Correctly: PE PDS - Prison Education Dynamic Purchasing System)
DTC Duty To Co-operate
DTO Detention and Training Order
DVCV Act 2004 Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004
ECHR European Convention on Human Rights
ECtHR European Court of Human Rights
EM Electronic Monitoring
EPIC Electronic Probation Information Centre
EPP Extended sentence for Public Protection
ERCG Early Release on Compassionate Grounds
ERDG Equality, Rights and Decency Group
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FLO (Police) Family Liaison Officer
FNO Foreign National Offender
FNP Foreign National Prisoner
FTO Foreign Travel Order
FTR Fixed Term Recall
FTRO Foreign Travel Restriction Order
FTT First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health)
GLD Government Legal Department
GPMS Government Protective Marking Scheme
GPPP Gibraltar Public Protection Panel
HDC Home Detention Curfew
HDCED Home Detention Curfew Eligibility Date
HMIC Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
HMIP Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons
HO Home Office
HOIE Home Office Immigration Enforcement
HMG Her Majesties' Government
HMPS Her Majesty's Prison Service
HRA Human Rights Act 1998
IAC First Tier Immigration and Asylum Chamber
ICO Information Commissioners Office
IDVA Independent Domestic Violence Adviser
IOM Integrated Offender Management
IPP Indeterminate Sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection
IRC Immigration Removal Centre
IRMT Interdepartmental Risk Management Team
IS91 The document which authorises the detention of an FNP following the end of the custodial period of the sentence.
JMAPPA Jersey Multi Agency Public Protection Agency
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LASPO Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012
LED Licence Expiry Date
MALRAP Multi-Agency Lifer Risk Assessment Planning Meeting
MAPPA Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MARAC Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference
MAT Multi-Purpose Ankle Tag
MDO Mentally Disordered Offender
MHA 1983 Mental Health Act 1983
MHCS Mental Health Casework Section
MIG MAPPA Improvement Group
MoJ Ministry of Justice
MOSOVO (Police) Management of Sex Offenders Violent Offenders
NCOP National College of Policing
NFA No Fixed Abode
NOMS National Offender Management Service
NOMIS National Offender Management Information System (Incorrect term - see P-NOMIS)
NPIA National Policing Improvement Agency (Obselete - see NCOP)
NPCC National Police Chiefs Council
NPD Non Parole Date
NPS National Probation Service
NUG National User Group
OASys Offender Assessment System
OGP Open Government Partnerships
OGRS Offender Group Reconviction Scale
OLASS Offenders' Learning and Skills Service (withdrawn from 2019)
OIS Offender Information System
OM Offender Manager
OMA Offender Management Act 2007
OMU Offender Management Unit (within Prisons)
OMPPG Offender Management and Public Protection Group
ORA Offender Rehabilitation Act
OS Offender Supervisor
ORA Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014
OSCT Office for Security and Counter Terrorism
OVP OAsys Violence Predictor
PEF Prison Education Framework (from 1 April 2019, replaces OLASS)
PPANI Public Protection Arrangements for Northern Ireland
PPO Prison and Probation Ombudsman
PCA 2009 Policing and Crime Act 2009
PED Parole Eligibility Date
PI Probation Instruction
PLW Partner Link Workers (attached to DV programme)
PNC Police National Computer
PND Police National Database
P-NOMIS Prison - National Offender Management Information System
PO Probation Officer
PPCS Public Protection Casework Section
PPM Public Protection Manual
PPO Prolific (and other) Priority Offenders
PPUD Public Protection Unit Database
PSI Prison Service Instruction
PSNI Police Service of Northern Ireland
PSO Prison Service Order
PSR Pre-Sentence Report
PSS Post Sentence Supervision
PVL Prison Video Link
RANSG Responsible Authority National Steering Group
RC Responsible Clinician
RF Radio Frequency
RM2000 Risk Matrix 2000
RMP Risk Management Plan / Royal Military Police
RO Responsible Officer
RoR Risk of Reoffending
RoSH Risk of Serious Harm
RoTL Release On Temporary Licence
RSHO Risk of Sexual Harm Order (Obselete - see SOPO)
RSO Registered Sexual Offender
RUG Regional User Group
SARA Spousal Assault Risk Assessment
SARN Structured Assessment of Risk and Need
SCPO Serious Crime Prevention Order
SCR Serious Case Review
SED Sentence End Date
SFO Serious Further Offence
SHPO Sexual Harm Prevention Order
SLED Sentence and Licence End Date
SMB Strategic Management Board
SO Sex Offender
SO Supervising Officer
SOA 2003 Sexual Offences Act 2003
SOPO Sexual Offences Prevention Order
SPO Senior Probation Officer
SPOC Single Point Of Contact
SRO Sexual Risk order
TACT Terrorism Act 2000
T-Sol Treasury Solicitors (Obselete - see GLD)
TUS Top Up Supervision (Post Sentence Supervision)
TUSED Top Up Supervision End Date (Post Sentence Supervision)
UAL Unlawfully at Large
UKBA UK Border Agency (Obselete - see HOIE)
VCS Victim Contact Scheme
VLO Victim Liaison Officer
VOO Violent Offender Order
WSW Womens Safety Worker (attached to DV programme)
YJB Youth Justice Board
YO Young Offender
YOI Young Offender Institution
YOT Youth Offending Team